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We are a boutique production company specializing in memorable live events of any size. Whether you are in need of creative consultation to get you started or someone to see your unique project through to the end, Holding Space will provide the tools you need to realize your vision.

recent events

This fast-paced, high-energy show featured exceptional performances by the Arts Umbrella Pre-Professional musical theatre classSonic Elder and a wonderful welcome song and dance from Bob Baker and Spawus Slolem (Eagle Song). Hosted by Actors Omari Newton and Dawn Petten and an inclusive line-up of presenters, this event represented a wide range of groups within our theatre community. The whole night was underscored by incredible live music from Bill Sample, Buff Allen and Bill Runge. Our goal was to create a community celebration that honoured all the great work that has happened this year and we were so pleased with the overwhelmingly positive feedback.

client : The Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards

what : Vancouvers Professional Theatre Awards Show

where : The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver

photos by : Mark Halliday

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This cozy gathering held at Dock Lunch emphasized our personal touch. From the handwritten invitations to the homestyle hot sandwiches, selection of specially made cakes, custom cocktails made with locally produced ginger ale and of course, craft beer, it was a pleasure to put together this relaxed, classy and family friendly event. Using simple lighting and video projections we were able to transform this tiny restaurant into an intimate performance venue. Our experienced technicians were able to select the appropriate equipment and work with the client to get everything looking, sounding and feeling just right.

client : Dock Lunch

what : Album Release Party

where : Dock Lunch - Vancouver, BC

photos by : Cora Silvestru

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This community engaged installation invited members of the general public to a series of workshops where they could build paper models of Vancouver buildings and businesses that no longer exist. The buildings were then arranged on a series of islands suspended from the ceiling at the Roundhouse Community Centre. Participant’s memories were recorded and assembled into a soundtrack that played while audiences walked among the floating islands. Markers were provided for the audience to write personal stories beside the tiny buildings. The project was conceived of by interdisciplinary artist Andreas Kahre and presented by Radix Theatre.

client : Radix Theatre

what : an interactive installation

where : round house community centre, Vancouver British Columbia

photos by : Janet Baxter

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I assembled a band of people between the ages of 65 and 75, lead by musical director Bill Sample, for a performance at Performance Works on Granville Island as part of Club PuSh in 2015. The show features music from the 1950s and early 60s as well as personal stories from the band about their youth, Vancouver music culture and the beginnings of the ant-war movement. Sonic Elder also played FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery to a packed house of enthusiastic partygoers that could easily have been their grandchildren. Sonic Elder is slated for a 65 day remount at the legendary Penthouse Nightclub in downtown Vancouver this September 2016. The original idea came from Theatre Conspiracy who commissioned the Chop to put it together.

client : The Chop

what : An evening of music and stories

where : performance works. Vancouver British Columbia

photos by : Terumi Squibb

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TBD is a new kind of play, which takes place over three weeks, based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Through the use of GPS and smartphone technology, performers track audience members in their daily life, bringing performances and surprises to them in unexpected places. On certain days the audience is invited to specific areas in the city to experience more complex ritual style performances. The show was created by and performed by Radix Theatre. It was a pleasure to be part of the original creation team and I was excited to take on the role of producer for an expanded presentation in the fall of 2015.

client : Radix Theatre

what : 21 day immersive theatre experience

where : Vancouver, British Columbia

photos by : Michael Sider

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With over 60 performers form Providence, New York, Baltimore, Montreal and Ottawa this 3 day family friendly event featured music, theatre, bubble blowing dragons suspended in trees, artisanal coffee from a vintage copper espresso maker. Performances ranged from the quirky Nautical Almanac to the visually stunning MudBoy. This ambitious outdoor music festival also featured some of the loudest bands on earth including Lightning Bolt, the USAISAMONSTER and Mouthus. Artists and audiences alike were thrilled by this once in a lifetime event that showcased a community of avant guard artists in the great outdoors. I conceived of and spearheaded this project in collaboration with Blake Hargreaves.

client : self produced

what : a 3 day out door music and performance festival

where : Almonte, Ontario

photos by : Aaron MacKenzie Frazer

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Christie Watson


I facilitate the creation of live events. I have been producing music, theatre and community engaged projects for the past fifteen years. I like to listen closely, imagine and then make things happen. I enjoy intimate gatherings and large scale spectacle. I love to problem solve and establish personal connections. I look forward to making your occasion even more than you imagined.